YES! FLAPPER is still alive and bouncing around!

Flapper still has that special magic that kids love, and a lot of today's parents remember the joy he brought to them with his zany TV shows like Flapper's Factory and Dr Featherweather's Wonderful Workshop on STW Ch 9 Perth.

Re-kindle the joy of yester-year today in your customers! but FLAPPER also likes to keep up-to-date with today's children.

FLAPPER comes complete with his Professional Compere for a fun filled 30 minute show, with loads of singing and dancing to keep the audience entertained & involved. The shows can be held on your standard stage and we can come complete with PA if required. FLAPPER also has a range of shows to keep things interesting.

To book Flapper call Bill Hewison   at:- Characterland W.A.

Phone:  + 61 8 9307 2750
Facsimile:   + 61 8  9307 6946
Email: info@characterlandwa.com.au
Book Early to avoid disappointment.