At long last that uniquely talented extra-terrestrial: a little purple guy called WIDGET, is available for bookings in Western Australia. He has decided to spend some time with us here at Characterland W.A. and this enables us to transport him to you, without Eastern States extra costs.

 Widget is your average, typical young teenager. Average if you happen to be from the Horsehead Nebula in the Orion Constellation. After a crash landing on earth Widget strives to fulfil his secret fantasy of becoming a full-fledged Watcher (that’s what Widget’s people are called). So Widget along with his trusty hostess tries to enlist earthlings, junior type, as his aides to help him fulfil his fantasy of becoming a fully-fledged World Watcher and Protector of the environment by teaching Earth children to recycle and care for their enviroment.

WIDGET is shown prime "kid" time on the ABC and also has a range of videos & merchandise to help support him.

To book Widget call Bill Hewison   at:- Characterland W.A.

Phone:  + 61 8 9307 2750
Facsimile:   + 61 8  9307 6946
Book Early to avoid disappointment.