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HUMPHREY BEAR LIVE! At last he's back in W.A, see Humphrey live, in his all new Fun shows,specially designed to delight and entertain the younger members of the family. Yes the world's best and most loved bear will be coming to a venue near you during  2012 in a hand clapping, toe tapping, fun-filled 30 minute fun show featuring new and also some of your favorite Humphrey B. Bear songs like, FUN WITH HUMPHREY BEAR, JAMMING WITH HUMPHREY, FRIENDS FOR LIFE, DO YOU FEEL WOBBLY TODAY and many many more.
Also his new “KEEP FIT” show the teaches children the importance of keeping fit and a lot of fun ways to Keep Fit with Humphrey

 Humphrey B. Bear has been re signed by a TV Network and can be seen in his brand new television series of "Here's Humphrey" in a new time each day, along with a " Goodnight Girls & Boys"

DONT MISS this opportunity to see Humphrey Live! Voted Television's No 1 Children's Program by viewers on Mornings with Kerrie-Anne, HUMPHREY BEAR can now be seen live, in his brand new fun Show "A DAY IN THE LIFE OF HUMPHREY B. BEAR". Every child will want to be there to see and experience the joy and excitement of sharing  with HUMPHREY BEAR.
Every child in Australia knows this lovable bear who has won the nation's top television and community awards. He is a magical character, who has the interests and abilities of a four year old, combined with the needs and personality of a young bear with a weakness for honey, playing games and tricks, climbing trees and being very, very curious.

Humphrey loves to dance, ice & roller skate, and is very inquisitive. He does not speak, preferring to make his point through mime. This single factor has had so much to do with his appeal. Humphrey is fascinating to pre-school children, teenagers and adults alike.
Now, after more than 45 years exposure on television throughout Australia and in some foreign countries, there is a large population of parents who were fans of Humphrey when they were young.

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To book Humphrey Bear in W.A. call Bill Hewison   at:-  Characterland W.A.

Phone:  + 61 8 9307 2750
Facsimile:   + 61 8  9307 6946
Email:  Bill@characterlandwa.com.au
Book Early to avoid disappointment.